Cars, books, coffee, and fitness – Oh my!


Nerd Alert!  I may be a little too excited about this, but I just got my first library card in over 20 years! 🙂   I would just like to add that while my husband made fun of me because of how excited I was, he got one too!!  #couplethatreadstogether #somanybookssolittletime




#JUSTanoilchangeplease   #IwillgetthatdoneNEXTtime


My sentiments for the majority of the summer. Give me Fall weather all day, every day please. 🙂


mmm, new K-cup added to my rotation


Give me some book recommendations (pretty please)?!


Favorite brand / flavor of K-cups?


11 thoughts on “Cars, books, coffee, and fitness – Oh my!

  1. Lisa those nails!!! You must be only be from either Staten Island, Brooklyn or Jersey!! I knows those kinda nails anywhere 😉😉

  2. What?! You’re just now getting a library card?! I LOVE my library 🙂 I very rarely ever buy books (unless they are ones I want to take notes in); the library is the best! So glad to hear you got one!

  3. Oh my gosh I totally understand the excitement of a new library card!!!!!!!! I’m reading “Go Set a Watchmen” right now, the new Harper Lee book. I don’t love it so far (And “TKAM” is my favorite book!). I would suggest “Where’d You Go Bernadette” for a really fun light read. It was quick and easy/good! 🙂

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