Just some things (you absolutely must know)

Hey guys!

Happy Friday!!!!!!   This has been a long week and I am so glad the weekend is finally here.

So, what do I have to catch you up on in my super exciting life?? 🙂

I mentioned in my last post that I now belong to the library. The night that Pat and I joined, I requested several books, which were all unavailable at the time. Well, just 4 days later, all 4 books are in. I picked them all up after work today. I had no idea they would all come in so fast (or all at the same time!), so now I have 4 books to read in a matter of 2 weeks. That will NEVER happen, since I pretty much only read on the weekend.  The books I picked up were Descent, Second Life, Crash and Burn, and Those Girls.


I read an article today about The 10 Safest And Most Peaceful Places To Live In New Jersey and my town, Spring Lake Heights made the list! 🙂


Speaking of Spring Lake Heights, I am not sure how much longer I will be able to still call it home. Pat and I have wanted to put our house on the market for quite some time now, but have just recently started to get more serious about it. While we both love our town, we have just outgrown our house. We have also lived in it for 11 years and we are both ready for a change (and something a little bigger!). We still want to stay in the same general area though. We are meeting with a realtor on Sunday and going to look at about 8 houses with him. I am so excited!! 🙂

I bought this peanut butter a few days ago and can’t wait to try it. I LOVE anything caramel flavored and LOVE peanut butter, so I think it could be very dangerous.


As I posted on Instagram earlier this week, it was a very sad day in the Cullen house on Wednesday. My beloved Keurig has officially died. I knew this day was coming when she started to leak water all over the counter every morning and now the last few days only a few drops of coffee came out after I pressed the large mug button. I am very upset but we had a lot of great years together. I remember someone told me years ago that you can bring a broken Keurig to Bed Bath and Beyond and get a replacement even without a receipt. Does anyone know if this is true?  I called Bed Bath and Beyond and they told me they no longer carry the older Keurig  models, but if they can verify it was purchased there, they will give the lowest selling price as a credit for a new Keurig.


By the way, do you follow me on Instagram? If not, me thinks you should. 🙂


I will leave you with a few laughs on this fine Friday.






Have a great weekend, guys!! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Just some things (you absolutely must know)

  1. I jury recently joined the library too and am loving it for audio and e books! I can not believe I was paying before! Lol. It is so easy too!

    Salted caramelpb!? Whattttt!? Nom nom

    And yes 100% absolutely you can brig your keurig to bbb. They will take it back and replace No questions or receipt. Needed
    Do it !!:$

  2. I moved not too long ago, not far, but far enough that it was a new county. Now I belong to libraries in three counties 🙂 I have all of the books!

    I kept a list of all the books my readers recommended, and the same thing happened to me. I got like eight books at once after I placed the holds! I’m adding yours to my list.

  3. I not only laughed out loud at the mechanic one, I made my husband come in and look at it.

    Good luck with the house hunt! (And I am not sure I should thank you for the knowledge of salted caramel peanut butter. It’s like a combination of two of the best foods on the planet. I may never eat anything else again).

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  5. That SAME THING has happened to my Keurig. Water all over the counter and just a few drops come out. I ordered the newest 2.0 model (which came in with a timer that speeds up all on it’s own…ugh another days problem). I sat aside the old model with plans to youtube a fix. I have seen where this has happened to other people and they have been able to fix their machine. I love the 2.0, but I am very frustrated that the programming option is useless if the clock does not work right. I need to call them about it!

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