Some Randomness for you on this fine Tuesday

Hey guys!

Happy Tuesday!  I have 3 more days of work and then I will be off for a week (and on vacation in Aruba!!).

I CAN’T WAIT to have a week to relax and get away with Pat.  I will miss this cute little face like crazy though!


I still have a bunch of things to do before we leave, but just wanted to pop in and say hi.


September … AKA the month before my absolute favorite month of the year! 🙂


I bought this maxi dress last year but kinda forgot about it. I decided to wear it to work today and got so many compliments on it. The best part – I bought it at Target and think it was only $25 or so.

I will leave you with a few laughs ..



200 300 400


Have a great night! 🙂