11 thoughts on “Aruba 2015 vacation – Take 2

    • Yes, you must go to Aruba! It is gorgeous. 🙂 My husband and I rent out our timeshare, so if you’re ever interested let me know!

      If you figure out how to keep the lizards away, let me know because I have been to Aruba about 10 times and have not figured that out yet. haha

      • Ha! Choppy chases them, but something tells me Southwest would not appreciate me pretending she is my child. While she might wear the clothing, I don’t think anyone is going to mistake her for an actual person. If I train her to walk on her back legs, though…

        And your timeshare looks like it is in an amazing place. If we get a chance to get down there, I may have to ask you about renting it!

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