How to Save Money on Cruise Holidays

Cruise holidays typically come highly recommended by those who’ve experienced them, yet remain dismissed by those who haven’t. There are a lot of ill-founded myths when it comes to cruises. People are worried they’ll get seasick, that they’ll run out of things to do, and perhaps, most crucially of all, that they simply cost too much. If you think this is the case, here’s how you can save some money when it’s time to book.

Timing Is Everything

As with many things in life, timing is everything. Typically, you’ll want to book early. Most people try to book at least four-to-six months in advance, though if you’re looking to travel to a popular destination during peak times you may want to do this even earlier. The so called “wave season,” during the first three months of the year, is regarded as the best time to book, as this is when holidaymakers are making their most aggressive offers. If you don’t have to worry about travelling with children, make sure to schedule your trip for when the kids are at school. Not only will you avoid the noise, but it will also be much cheaper. 


Stay Flexible

While booking in advance is still recommended for most people, if you aren’t sure where you want to go, you can take advantage of last minute deals. This happens when holidaymakers have overbooked a trip, so in order to fill empty seats they make huge cuts to the price. Getting in as close to the departure date as possible is the best way to get the best deal, but you also run the risk of losing out altogether. Remember that flexibility is the key here. You may need to consider places that weren’t even on your radar before.

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Search the Web

Finally, you should always remember to search around online before you commit to any kind of deal. While sitting down with your local travel agent is a great way to get advice from someone who’s an expert in their field, you should also make the effort to take a look at online specialists like Planet Cruise to see what other kind of offers are available to you. If you’ve decided where and when you’d like to go, there are also a variety of sites out there that can help you to find the best rate on a specific journey.

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  1. This is sort of how my dad does it. He’s a cruise fanatic! lol Fun fact my husband and I got married on a Carnival Cruise ship in NYC. 😀 It was awesome!

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