Well kids, today is the day

Hey guys!

It is about 4:45 AM. I just got out of the shower and Pat and I will be leaving shortly for the surgery center. My surgery is scheduled for 8 AM. I have to be there an hr. before and the surgery center is over an hr. away from our house.  I will try to check in with you guys over the weekend and let you know how everything went and how I am feeling.

For now I will leave you with a picture of a cake that my sister made for me yesterday.


How cute and sweet was it of her to make that for me?! She told me she was going to stop by my work since she was off and showed up with a cake for me. 🙂  My new nose better look a little cuter than the one on the cake though! haha

Oh, Pat is going to be holding my phone while I am in surgery. Feel free to leave comments for him of nice things he should do for me while I recover (get me coffee, ice cream, foot massage) .. what else?! 🙂

I will talk to you guys later!!! 🙂


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