Surgery update

Hey guys!

Thank you all for your sweet comments yesterday! 🙂

My surgery went really well. Pat and I arrived at the surgery center at about 6:45 AM. They got me comfortable in my own surgery preparation room (complete with a TV, recliner, and nice, warm blanket that they covered me with), while they got my IV set up and I changed into a gown. As I said before, I have wanted to get this surgery done for as long as I can remember, so I really wasn’t nervous at all. My biggest concern was actually if I would be nauseous after surgery from the anesthesia.  While I have only had anesthesia a few times ever, I have been known to get nauseous and vomit from it. The last thing I wanted to do was throw up after I just had work done on my nose, or when Pat and I had over an hr. drive home. I met with the anesthesiologist and let him know my concerns. He put a patch behind my ears for motion sickness and also put something in with the anesthesia to help prevent nausea. (Thankfully what he did worked and I did not feel sick at all after the surgery!) I met with the Dr. one last time before surgery and before I knew it, I was taken into the operating room.

The surgery took a little less than 2 hrs. and I then spent about an hr. in recovery. I had some ginger ale and graham crackers and by 11:45 AM, Pat and I were on our way home.


I have a splint on my nose (that will need to stay on for the next week), and the nurse put some frozen peas on my eyes for the drive home to help prevent swelling and bruising. The nurse said I should continue to ice my eyes every 20 mins. for the next 2 days.

Pat stopped to get me some iced coffee and something to eat on the way home. I then just took it easy for the rest of the day. I was not in any pain whatsoever, more just a little uncomfortable. My throat was super sore from the tube that was in my mouth during the surgery, but I didn’t feel even the slightest bit of pain from my nose. It did bleed A LOT though, which definitely freaked me (and Pat) out. I have gauze dressing and a drip pad directly under my nose, which Pat must have changed at least 20 or more times for me yesterday. Pat has been great through all of this and I don’t know what I would have done without him all day yesterday.


My Dr. actually called me yesterday afternoon to see how I was feeling and ask if I had any questions. He is so nice and such a great doctor! I talked to him for about 20 mins. He said the surgery went great and assured me that the amount of bleeding I had after we were home was normal. He said after 2 days or so, the blood should lessen and eventually stop.

The Dr. also asked if I wanted to see some of the pictures he took from the operating room. I will spare you the really gross ones (which most of them were quite gross) and just share one of them.


So overall I feel fine. Other than my sore throat, I am not in pain. The way I can best explain it is how you feel when you have a horrible cold or sinus infection and can’t really taste much and it feels like your nose is really stuffed up. Since I have to keep my head elevated to help lessen bruising and swelling, I slept on our recliner last night with a travel pillow around my neck. It definitely wasn’t the best night’s sleep, but I did manage to get some rest.

My face and eyes are quite bruised and swollen already.



I will take that over pain any day though! I just have to keep in mind that it will all be worth it in the end and the bruising and swelling is only temporary.

Well, I am off to ice my eyes some more.

Have a great weekend, guys! 🙂



17 thoughts on “Surgery update

  1. Oh goodness, you poor thing! I hope in a week you’ll be feeling a lot better. Xo Btw I’ve had a tube down my throat for surgery and I always get a sore throat. Hopefully that will go away in a few days too. Can’t wait to see pics of you healed up!

  2. glad to see you are home and recovering!! SOunds like such an easy process! In and out! i am impressed. You keep letting that hubby take good care of you 🙂 And I too always fear getting sick after anesthesia! So happy you didnt!

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