Memorial Day Weekend Snapshots


can’t a dog just enjoy his long holiday weekend without the paparazzi in his face trying to get another picture?? 🙂


our weekend guests (my sister and Nick) showed up with these – YUM!!!!


what treat to eat first?? decisions decisions


Nick, my sister, and Pat about to run the Spring Lake Five


Pat, Amy, & Nick


Nutella stuffed French toast


grilled corn on the cob, grilled asparagus, marinated London broil, and macaroni and cheese was dinner


lots of hanging out on the deck


Patriotic (and delicious) cupcake cake

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to us!!

Hey guys!

So as the title of my post suggests, today Pat and I celebrate our 10 year Anniversary.




PicMonkey Collage

I wrote this poem for Pat a few years back, and because I know I will never be able to come up with such a literary masterpiece again, I am going to share it again this year (with just a few updates). 🙂



On this day, we said “I Do”

10 years later, you still tell me that girls aren’t supposed to poo.


You asked me to marry you on a rainy day in December.

To this day, it is one I will always remember.


When it comes to breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you know to not expect too much from me

You dusting, vacuuming, or cleaning … all things my eyes have yet to see.


You like going to the beach and spending hours in the sun

I find getting my nails done to be fun.


We met at our former place of employment

The lazy river in Aruba has provided us much enjoyment


Several years ago, my car was hit by a deer

You once paid me $5 just to drink a beer.


I often ask you to rub my feet

You get mad when I play songs on repeat.


We like going on vacation, to the movies, and to a concert or two

We’ve seen Van Halen, Motley Crue, Billy Joel, and Kenny Chesney, just to name a few.


We both think Bosco is the cutest thing we have ever seen

You’ll be sure to sound the alarm if your food is touched by a bean.


Baseball, Miller Lite, and Skiing .. these are some of your favorite things

You tell me I have too much jewelry and won’t buy me any more rings.


When Doritos are near, you like to stuff your face

I can eat Orange Tic-Tacs by the case.


You’re smart, sexy, and more recently, a very good runner.

One thing you are not though hunny, is Mr. Fix-it or a plumber.


When we get back from a bike ride, we know there will be a race to the house

I once called you screaming when I was in the basement and saw a mouse.


When you wear your glasses, you look just like your brother

You often tell me quotes once said by your mother.


I like to make fun of you for being 10 years older

In the summer, you get mad when I turn the thermostat much colder.


You have always treated my family like they were your own

We both have 10000 pictures of Bosco on our phone.


When I ask you to take me on a long ride, I don’t give you much of a choice

When your singing annoys me, I threaten to post a video of your Bon Jovi voice.


Since we’ve been together, I’ve had many shades of hair

Inside a house in your hometown, there once lived a bear.


We both recently developed a love of country music and even bought our own cowboy hat

Bosco was very upset when he learned you once owned a cat.


Twelve years worth of memories – from Bahamas, San Diego, Key West, Aruba, and of course the NJ shore

Swimming with dolphins, holding baby tigers, and listing our house on the market…can’t wait to make so many more!


I love you, Sexy Husband (of 10 years) Boy. ❤

Weekend Snapshots


hands-down the best dry shampoo that I ever used


OK, all clean. Now get me out of here – I have cookies to eat and naps to take!


after 278854670890 tries, this was the best selfie we could get 🙂


Bosco had fun at Bark in the Park.


I love this guy.


out to dinner for Pat’s Birthday


sisters ❤


morning walk with my boy


coffee, coffee, and more coffee – of both the hot and iced variety


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This weekend


Smore’s pancakes were eaten


the husband ran the NJ Half Marathon


Bosco went to the groomer  (how cute is this picture???)


coffee was had


10259850259000 pictures of Bosco were taken


We went out to dinner for my sister’s 30th Birthday.


not only did he run more miles than I would ever be able to (or ever want to) in my life, but he did it in the rain


some time was spent on the deck

Happy Birthday, sister!!

It is hard to believe that my baby sister turns 30 years old today. You are the person that I can tell absolutely anything to (and I do!). We’ve made endless memories over these last 30 years and I can’t wait to see what the next 30 years hold.

PicMonkey Collage Amy

Happy Birthday, Amy!!


I love you!  XOXO