30 days to go!

It is now 30 days until Emma’s due date (although things are looking more and more like she may be a February baby, rather than March)!  

I had another growth scan done on Tuesday and ultrasound tech and Dr. both still believe she is measuring closer to 40 weeks than 35 1/2 – they think she is close to 8 pounds already. I will have another growth scan done in a week and a half – they want to closely monitor the size of her shoulders, head, and belly to make sure that delivery won’t be too difficult.

My blood pressure has still been consistently high so I now have an appointment with the doctor every few days, as well as a blood pressure machine for at home. I had to do a 24 hour urine test yesterday (there was protein found in my urine at my last appt.) and those results won’t be back until next week but blood work that I had done on Tuesday came back perfect (thankfully!).

The doctor would just like to keep everything stable with my blood pressure and Emma and then we will make a decision of what to do at 37 weeks (which is in just a little over a week .. and also my birthday!).

My sister and her boyfriend were over all last weekend to help up set up everything we received at the shower, wash all of her clothes, and decorate her room.

Here are a few pictures of Emma’s room so far:


We are still waiting for her crib and glider to be delivered.


I can’t believe we are so close to meeting our girl!  XOXO