Is anyone still out there?

I am not sure how many people still read this little blog of mine since my posts are few and far between, but if there are still some of you out there, HI!! I think of my blog often and want to blog more but then work, taking care of a house, and life with a newborn don’t leave too much time to do that.

For those of you that have followed me over the last few years, you know that Bosco was our world and his loss absolutely devastated Pat and I.


Today would have actually been his 12th Birthday. I still miss him more than words can say and will until the day I die. I will forever be thankful for the 11 years we spent with him though. He was our first baby and will always have a huge piece of my heart.

Pat and I celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary on May 20.


We didn’t do much to celebrate because #lifewithanewborn but it was still a great day. 🙂

Speaking of my newborn, can you believe she is already 3 months old? Emma is becoming more and more of her own little person with such a cute personality every day. She goes to daycare 3 days / week and I work from home the other 2 day.  She had her 3 month Dr. visit last week and did great – she is close to 15 lbs. already and we started her on some baby cereal last weekend. She LOVED it the first time but was less excited about it the other times we tried to feed her some. It is still early so we will work on it.



Pat and I just look at her in awe and say how did we make something THIS cute??!!

As for the house, we are still doing little improvements here and there to make it ours. We just had new carpet installed in a few rooms this past week.


Pat also has a new obsession – our pool.  I am not kidding when I say he is obsessed! haha He never had a pool before (I did growing up, but just an above ground one.) and it was an absolute requirement for him when we were looking at houses. The house had to have an inground pool or at least have a backyard large enough to put one in.


He goes outside to “check on it” first thing in the morning and again after he gets home from work. I have also never seen him so excited to clean something before (now I just have to figure out how to get him to clean the inside of the house! haha).

Well, I have a baby that is waiting to eat (again!), so I will talk to you all soon! 🙂

What is new with YOU??