5 years

I consider myself to have a pretty great memory, yet this day always sneaks up on me. I never remember the specific date until I see it show up on Facebook memories. I think it is my mind’s way to protect me from how painful of an experience it was. It was the day I last held my first baby, the last time I ever was able to kiss his sweet face. It was by far the most devastating experience of my life. We were about to move one week later, hadn’t packed a thing, but all we could do was sit on the couch and cry and cry and cry. I am pretty sure I cried more in that one week than I did in the rest of my life combined.

Emma loves dogs and wants to get one. While I know she will have a dog one day, part of me is also still so protective of her ever having to experience that kind of pain. There is no denying dogs don’t live nearly as long as they should.

While time does definitely ease the pain, a part of my heart will always belong to Bosco. I really believe everyone has that ONE dog .. the one that others will never compare to. Bosco was without a doubt mine. 💗