Happy 7 months, Emma! 

We love you so much, pretty girl. ❤️❤️


Some recent Emma pictures

Hey guys!

How is everyone doing? I thought I would share some recent Emma pictures with you all (because she is the CUTEST!). 🙂





My little baby is growing up so fast and getting so big!! Emma will be 5 months already next week!

As for me, I am now 4 1/2 months postpartum. I still have work to go, but am making progress.   The last time I was at the doctor, I had lost 60 of the 70 pounds (😳😳😳😳) I gained when pregnant. I haven’t weighed myself since then but would think I still have about another 10 pounds to go. 🙂


I will be back sometime next week with a 5 month update!

I will talk to you all soon!!   XOXO

Dear Emma


I can’t believe that you will be 4 months old tomorrow. You have grown so much just in the last month, my love. Unlike your mom or dad, you are very tall and no longer fit in the top of your pack ‘n play. You love to hold hands with us while you eat (and boy do you love to eat!). So far you have tried baby cereal, bananas, and sweet potatoes and have loved them all. You have started to try to hold your bottle yourself as well as help us hold your spoon when we feed you. Last month you went out to a restaurant for the first time and have been out for several meals since then (although I’m not sure you remember since you slept through all of them).  

You only nap once in a while but when you do, you prefer complete silence from everyone around you. If someone does make noise (even a slurp from a straw or a wrinkle of a wrapper), you will often throw both your hands up in the air and shake your head as if to say can’t you see I’m taking a nap here??!! 😂 (You obviously get that attitude from your father.) 😉

You laugh every time mom or dad ask you if you have poopie in your diaper (we don’t always laugh as much as you when the answer is yes). 😂

For the most part, you sleep through the night most days. We put you down to sleep around 11 PM and you usually sleep until we wake you up at 5:30 AM to get ready for daycare and work. You wake up happy and just hang out while we get your bottle ready – smiling and “talking” to us. You love to talk all the time and tell us all kinds of things. I think you love to hear your voice just as much as we do. 

You are a very happy baby and generally only get fussy when it is time to eat (I totally understand, girlfriend!). You smile and laugh all the time. You FaceTime with Aunt Amy pretty much every day and love your weekly visits with her. You think it is hilarious when she looks in your mouth and asks you where your toothies are. You are also a big fan of Uncle Nicky and like to have him feed you, to practice tummy time on his chest, and have him take you for walks around the house. Grandma comes to see you at least once a week as well and you have her wrapped around your finger just like everyone else.

I could write books about you, but will end it here for now. When you were first born, your dad and I would just stare at you and say to each other how did we make something THIS cute? Four months later, we are just as mesmerized by you.

We love you so much, Emma Bobbi.

Happy 4 months, beautiful girl. ❤❤

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