Must read for all the mamas

I haven’t read an article that I loved or could relate to as much as this in a very long time. For any mamas out there, I thought this was definitely worth the read! 🙂

“Today I went to a baby shower.

Baby showers are beautiful and this one was amazing.

I sat with a bunch of mothers commenting how beautiful a bump is, how precious a newborn is, and lighthearted jokes about the days of sleeping being numbered.

But behind the little laughs and ‘awww’s’ of opening up gifts of tiny shoes, baby bottles and little onesies was the tired and toughness and realness of motherhood. Every mother there had their own heavy story to tell, had their own bags under their eyes packed with sleeplessness and exhaustion. But all they could say or write in the card is ‘you’re going to experience the greatest love you’ve ever known…’ They were all much too polite to say, ‘and it’ll be the hardest love you’ll ever know.’

I wanted to say it. I wanted to say, this love is hard.

This love will make you feel the most incredible, happy things, but it’ll also make you feel the saddest and darkest things. This love will have you feeling more lonely than you ever felt. This love will make you text your partner every detail of your life because you haven’t had anyone talk to for a few days. This love will make you fight with him like you’ve never before. This love can feel like you’re living on repeat. Every day, doing the same thing, and feeling like you’ve gotten nothing done.

This love will have you singing songs from The Wiggles because you’ve heard those songs on repeat, and have two little eyes watch you when you pee… for at least 8 years. This love will make you feel touched out, make you question your ability, your self worth and your identity… and your sanity. This love will keep you up all night, from 8 minutes to 8 weeks to 8 months to 18 years, because they’ll cry, and you’ll worry, because you’ll cry because you’re worried. This love will have you eat every word you ever said when you said ‘I’ll never…’

I wanted to say, this love is hard.

You’ll visit the ER more than you ever have, even when you probably don’t need to. You’ll find yourself running water in the shower, humming in a low tone, swaying from side to side because it worked once. You’ll have to teach this little love how to sleep, how to feed, and both of that will hurt.

I wanted to say that you’ll have it all figured out and then as soon as you do, everything changes again.

I wanted to say, this love is hard, but I didn’t.

Because one day, her baby will smile, one day her baby will sleep the night, one day she can turn the shower on to actually have one, one day it won’t hurt to feed and she won’t care so much how she feeds, as she won’t care what anyone thinks. One day she won’t have to text for conversation because she will find a friend she can vent to that’ll understand, even one she can vent about her partner to. One day she’ll find a new normal way to love her partner and a new normal to have moments together. She’ll learn to trust herself, her ability and she will find a new identity that means she can still be herself, and still be one helluva mother.

One day she’ll know it’s hard, it’s tough, and she too will have the sunken eyes, but she’ll know that things always get better. They do. I promise they do.

One day her little baby will grow up and say, ‘I love you.’ One day it’ll say, ‘I need you mum, thank you for being there for me.’

And she’ll know, this love, it’s hard, but it’s worth every single second.”


I could not agree with the article more – for sure the most challenging and rewarding job there is!  


One year

Emma Bobbi (AKA EmBobs, Bubbie Bumpkins, and formerly Baby Emma),
I usually have your monthly picture posted first thing in the morning, but this morning I was at a loss for words. This month is BIG – you’re ONE! How can I ever come up with the right words to express how much I love you and what this last year has meant to us?

We loved you from the minute we found out I was pregnant with you. You are more beautiful and smart than we could have ever imagined. You are perfect in every way and the prettiest little girl in the world. (By the way, Dad loves when people tell us how beautiful they think you are because he thinks they are obviously also saying how beautiful HE is since you look just like him!) 😂 You are daddy’s little girl and can do no wrong in his eyes. 
You have such a fun, playful personality and have grown up so much in the last year. I love everything about you – your smile, the way you always rest your feet one foot on top of the other, the way you smile and wiggle back and forth in your crib with your eyes still closed when I come to get you up every morning, your belly laughs, your beautiful blue eyes and cute little hands, watching you crawl around, and hearing you say mama and dada. I no longer see a baby when I look at you, but a beautiful little girl. 

You have loved getting a bath since your very first one. You love to play sports with Dad. You could also play with your toys for hrs. and not get bored and most of your favorite toys were given to you from Grandma – like your picnic set and stacking cups. You love books, puffs, will try pretty much any food we give you, have been sleeping through the night since you were 2 months old, love to be carried upstairs, and think Puppy Dog Pals are pretty much the best thing ever (I am glad because you will have a puppy of your own one day.). You are completely spoiled by Aunt Amy and Uncle Nick. They love you like you are their own and it is pretty obvious the feelings are mutual. You have had more photo shoots with Aunt Amy than most professional models, love to dance with her, and you have her wrapped around your little fingers. 

You have always been generally easy going and happy – even when teething or sick. There are things you are not fond of though – like feeding yourself, socks, or having to wait more than 5 seconds for your food to get from the plate to your mouth. You are also not a fan of getting sleepy when you want to stay up and don’t want to miss anything. You don’t like to get your teeth brushed but we are working on it.

I can’t wait to watch you continue to learn, grow, and become more and more of your own little person. 

To quote Blake Shelton, 

“Baby, if I had to choose

My best day ever

My finest hour, my wildest dream come true

Mine would be you”

We love you more than words could ever explain, Emma. 

Happy Birthday to you, pretty little lady! ❤️

More pictures from Emma’s first birthday photo shoot

Hey guys! 

I just wanted to share some more pictures from Emma’s first birthday photo shoot with you all.

I love how the pictures turned out .. is she not the cutest?!

Only 3 more days until her big day!  We are having a small birthday party with just immediate family this weekend. It should be a fun day.

Happy Friday!! 😊

Emma Birthday video

Hey guys!

So I mentioned that I had a video made for Emma’s 1st Birthday coming up next week (my Birthday is actually today – Emma and I are February Birthday buddies!).

I love how it came out and wanted to share it with you all. I originally thought I would pick my favorite 100 pictures of her from her first year, but came to realize there are LOTS and LOTS of pictures that I love of Emma, so the video soon turned into well over 200 pictures! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Emma.

Talk to you all soon! 🙂




5 years without you


I can’t believe 5 years has gone by already. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you or miss you. There isn’t a day that goes by that it doesn’t make me so sad you’re not still here, but even more than ever now that Emma is here. I know you watched over her while I was pregnant, when she was born, and that you always will, but it is not fair you will never get to touch her face or kiss her, play with her, or throw her in the pool like you did with me and Amy. You would be so in love with her. Her middle name Bobbi is in your memory and she will carry it proudly with her through life. 

Please continue to always watch over her, as well as take care of my little Bosco who I miss more than words can explain as well.