Well kids, today is the day

Hey guys!

It is about 4:45 AM. I just got out of the shower and Pat and I will be leaving shortly for the surgery center. My surgery is scheduled for 8 AM. I have to be there an hr. before and the surgery center is over an hr. away from our house.  I will try to check in with you guys over the weekend and let you know how everything went and how I am feeling.

For now I will leave you with a picture of a cake that my sister made for me yesterday.


How cute and sweet was it of her to make that for me?! She told me she was going to stop by my work since she was off and showed up with a cake for me. 🙂  My new nose better look a little cuter than the one on the cake though! haha

Oh, Pat is going to be holding my phone while I am in surgery. Feel free to leave comments for him of nice things he should do for me while I recover (get me coffee, ice cream, foot massage) .. what else?! 🙂

I will talk to you guys later!!! 🙂


Weekend Snapshots

Hey guys!

How was your weekend? We had a lot of rain here in NJ this weekend, but we were thankfully spared a direct hit from Hurricane Joaquin. I didn’t do anything all that exciting – I did make it to the gym (2 times!!), baked (and ate!) some cake batter bars on Friday night, caught up on How to get away with Murder, went to Target, took Bosco to the groomer, had my first pumpkin coffee of the season, made some fajita chicken in the crock pot to have on top of salad for dinner next week, and got a lot of reading done.

Here are some snapshots from the weekend:










Have a great week, guys! 🙂

Memorial Day Weekend

Hey everyone!

Is anyone else glad it is a 3 day weekend??      I know I am!   🙂

Last night my sister came down to stay over for the weekend.

get-attachment  attachment2222

Since it was Pat’s Birthday last week, she made him a cake.


The cake she made was delicious.  My sister is an AWESOME baker.   Although she is a dental hygienist, she wants to own her own bakery someday.  Whenever it is someone’s birthday, a holiday, or any special occasion, you can be sure my sister will bake some unbelievable treats.  She has even made a wedding cake for one of her friends that got married last year.


Mocha Chocolate Cake Love


Bosco was a little concerned about how long my sister was going to be staying over due to the size of her overnight bag.


We had a fun night of pizza, cake, catching up, and TV.  Obviously Bosco didn’t find any of this too exciting.

This morning we were all up early because my sister and Pat were running the Spring Lake Five.   The Spring Lake Five is an annual 5 mile run held every Memorial Day Weekend in Spring Lake, NJ.   I am NOT a runner but went to cheer them both on. There were over 12,500 people registered for the run this year.

164981_10200565571519196_1418414020_n 264473_10200565958408868_838749176_n  312197_10200565570199163_1531515055_n 417809_10200565614640274_781027876_n 481404_10200565628560622_1343063582_n 923142_10200565626720576_305845178_n 934037_10200565565799053_405964969_n 941436_10200565614960282_1972546593_n 942668_10200565627320591_83548208_n 946857_10200565572519221_755060593_n 947207_10200565571959207_1336309503_n 969491_10200565958888880_134920847_n 970473_10200565627880605_598841353_n 970670_10200565614280265_1582617404_n 970906_10200565626880580_1321264006_n 971030_10200565959688900_1771082502_n

Even though it was cold and rainy, it was a fun kick-off to the holiday weekend.

Have a fabulous weekend!!   Doing anything exciting??