If you want to add one thing to your skincare regimen, make it this!

Whenever someone asks me what they could be adding to their regimen, the first thing I ALWAYS recommend is our Microdermabrasion Paste. It is hands down my favorite Rodan + Fields product (and I use LOTS of them!).


It enhances the effectiveness of your regimen, it makes your skin feel like a baby’s bum, and it lasts for.ev.er.

Even if you’re not using a regimen, and you just want to dip your toe in the R+F water, start HERE.

If you have any questions, just let me know! 🙂

Anyone that has wanted to try a Rodan + Fields regimen or Lash Boost, there is no better time than now!

Anyone who has been even remotely considering starting a regimen and / or Lash Boost, now is the time!!

The Lash Boost + Regimen bundle is BACK!!


Do you know what this means???

Buy any Regimen + Lash Boost and get 20% OFF —
that’s on top of the 10% off discount you get for being a preferred customer!! (so you’re getting 30% OFF this bundle!!!) That’s better than my wholesale price! There’s no word on how long this deal will last, so if this is something you’ve been thinking about, there is no better time than now!!




Your face and lashes will thank you! 🙂


If you have any questions, please leave a comment or send me an email!!


Meet your newest Rodan + Fields Consultant!

Hey guys!

So I have something I am super excited to share with you guys today!

I’m sure most of you have seen the absolutely AMAZING before and after pictures so many people have achieved with Rodan + Fields. I am SO excited to help others achieve amazing results as well as add other enthusiastic go-getters to my team!


If you’re interested in the skincare, making money, or BOTH, message me!

If you have any interest at all, feel free to check out my website or reach out to me with any questions!


My next 3 preferred customers will all receive a free Give it a Glow packet (which includes a Daily Cleansing Mask, Night Renewing Serum, and Lip Renewing Serum!) as a thank you for helping me kick off my first month of business! 🙂